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Ecommerce web hosting is what you need when you want to run business in the Internet. Simply put your ecommerce web hosting needs to be hosted somewhere on a server. You could setup your home computer as a business web hosting server, but that wouldn't make much sense if you plan on generating a lot of traffic or "hits" for your business site.
This is because firstly, your computer must always be on and connected to the internet for your web site to be accessible by others via the internet. If it's off, no one will see your site.
Secondly, running your own ecommerce web hosting server can be a complicated task (if you're unfamiliar with business web hosting server software, etc) resulting in downtimes that may take a lot of time and energy to correct.
Thirdly, your home or business's internet connection is not likely adequate to provide ecommerce web hosting to your own site, especially if you want to achieve lots of traffic to your business site. At best, you may have a cable modem connection, or even a T-1 connection to provide business web hosting services.
For the above reasons, the majority of companies and individuals with a business web site out-source their ecommerce web hosting needs to web hosting providers. You’ll be able to get an "always-on" internet connection, a team of web hosting professionals to keep your web site up and running, and a super-high bandwidth connection to the internet (many hundred times faster than a cable modem).
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